Clinical Research- The Manor Surgery

The Manor Surgery now takes part in clinical research. The Research Site Initiative is a scheme for all GP practices in the East Midlands to engage in clinical research. There are 4 levels, and the Manor Surgery is currently a level 2 research practice. The Manor Surgery is proud to give you the chance to take part in medical research so that new treatments and medicines can be developed for the future.

Why take part in research?

Invitations to participate in a study

You may be invited to take part in research from time to time. Invitations are typically sent over text, but you may occasionally be invited via email or letter. It is completely your choice whether you do or do not take part in a research study- your care at the surgery will never be impacted by whether you do or do not participate in research.

If you would like to opt out of receiving research invitations, please contact the practice.

Research projects

The following projects are being carried out by the Manor Surgery.

  • Beacon
  • MELS

Enrol in projects

If you would like to take part in clinical research, please consider enrolling in the following studies. You can sign up yourself to take part in these studies.

Join Dementia Research

A place to register your interest in taking part in vital Dementia research. Click here for more details.

Autism research register

You can sign up to join the register of people interested in taking part in research related to autism. Click here for more details.

Discover Me

Discover Me is a nationwide research study looking at how health and genetic information can allow us to better understand disease. By joining Discover Me United Kingdom you can get insights into your health and genetic ancestry.


A partnership between people who have been affected by melanoma, clinicians and researchers to form the largest melanoma research study in the world. Click here for details.