Non NHS Services

Before completing any private paperwork, we will ask for payment up front.

A £20 deposit will be requested for any private appointment booked.

Single line certificate or letter (To whom it may concern)£20.00
Private medical certificate (sick note/incapacity certificate)£30.00
Freedom from infection certificate£30.00
Fitness to fly certificate£40.00
Fitness to exercise/participate in activity£40.00
Shotgun licence application (form only)£64.00
Private Medical Insurance claim form£40.00
Holiday Insurance cancellation form£40.00
Childminder: Ofsted declaration form£90.00
Fostering Health Assessment form (AH form)£90.00
Short forms to support financial claims at university£25.00
Miscellaneous short forms or reportsFrom £40.00
 Witness of a signature for a pension form (10 minute appointment required) £50.00
Extract from records£45.00
Report on a proforma, no examination£90.00
Private full medical report including medical examination (non proforma) eg HCV, taxi, driving, pre-employment£120.00
Solicitors Private medical report£100.00 – £130.00
Short letter – In my opinion£45.00
Power of Attorney examination and certificate£130.00
Mental Capacity Assessment exam£140.00

Please note we do not complete the following:

Passport forms

Seatbelt exemption